The 2007 Golf Tour

4th October to 13th October 2007

Tour base Sabel Harbour - 5 bed, 3 bath and pool

We flew from Manchester with Virgin direct to Orlando International:-

4-Oct-07 – Flight VS 73 – Dept. MAN 1:30 PM – Arrv. MCO 5:40 PM

13-Oct-07 – Flight VS 74 – Dept. MCO 8:40 PM – Arrv. MAN 9:50 AM 14-Oct-07

Tour Transport – 15 Seater Mini Van – Alamo

Accommodation was again this superb Villa in Sabel Harbour

The Tour Party

Alan D Hcap. 15

Alan amassed 240 points on the 2005 tour while strategically hiding 37 balls in the lakes.

After intensive coaching his game is now in the best shape it has been prior to any tour. Write him off at your peril.

Andrew Hcap. 7

Andrew had one victory in 2005 and finished a disappointing 7th with 255 points. Not what was expected from the 2003 tour champion.

If he can avoid the “FLoBys” he will surely challenge for the top spot again.

Alan R Hcap. 5

Alan’s first tour to Florida and has yet to fully appreciate the challenge which awaits. He is no stranger to tours abroad with many strong performances on European tours.

Will his game travel across the pond? Don’t expect it not to, money is at stake and he is a Scot!

Brian Hcap. 5

Brian with two wins and 261 points put in another solid performance in 2005 finishing 5th.

He only lost 12 balls in the 9 rounds and if he can repeat that he will no doubt be again in the mix for top honours again this year.

David B Hcap. 18

David’s solid performance in 2005 produced 260 points and a victory in the final game at The River Club. This was despite a bit of skullduggery on the final green by Alan D. David rose to the challenge and holed a tricky 12 footer to seal his win.

Expect a similar steely performance this year.

David F Hcap. 5

David was Mr consistent in 2005 and finished joint third with 263 points and only lost 14 balls. His consistency was not however rewarded by a victory, but expect this to be corrected this year.

He is well tipped to take the top spot with the form he has produced this season.

Graham Hcap. 5

Graham is the defending champion from 2005 with 265 points and two victories. He finished the tour on a handicap of 1 which made his triumph more impressive.

Graham is again starting to show the type of form that will allow him to make a stout defence of his title

Keith Hcap. 7

Keith is on his first Florida Tour and is hoping that his straight hitting will give him an edg

A single handicap player since his early teens Keith has proved that he has the ability to produce the form needed to win.

Stuart Hcap. 12

Stuart finished joint third in 2005 on 263 points with a victory at The Venetian, where he amassed a total of 40 points. The best individual points total from a round that year.

If he repeats performances like this. then he may top the table in 2007.

Steve Hcap. 8

Steve was a rookie on the 2005 Tour and produced a stunning performance to finish second with 264 points and two victories. Had he not succumbed to the difficult test provided by Waterlefe then he may have triumphed.

With that experience in the locker Steve may go one better this year.


The final leader board of the 2007 tour

Player - Handicap Points Total Wins FLoBy's Balls Lost
1 David F - 5 235 2 0 13
2 Steve - 8 226 1 3 14
3 Brian - 5 222 0 0 14
4 Andrew - 7 212 0 4 19
5 Stuart - 12 209 1 1 24
6 *Graham - 5 199 2 5 29
7 Alan R - 5 198 0 5 20
8 Alan D - 15 197 2 2 27
9 David B - 18 160 0 2 39
10 *Keith - 7 138 0 0 6
* Injured did not play all 8 days Total 205

The 2007 individual performances by course

1. VenetianGross86838379818489
6,553 YrdsHandicap1557518557812
Slope 127Net81767874767781
Par 72Points20273231233432312932
SS 72.9Place10th8th2nd6th9th1st4th5th7th3rd
FLoBy*Lost Balls51*1*130202*1
Sand S's0000001100
Total Points20273231233432312932
2. Pine BarensGross948291808388
6,902 Yrd'sHandicap1865520257811
Slope 140Net767686787880
Par 71Points31302327162930172727
SS 73.7Place1st2nd8th7th10th4th3rd9th5th6th
FLoBy*Lost Balls0001000100
Sand S's0000000000
3. RiverstrandGross858877
6,854 Yrd'sHandicap1546522249811
Slope 135Net818275
Par 72Points2626282822331312226
SS 73.1Place6th5th2nd3rd9th1st8th10th7th4th
FLoBy*Lost Balls512*33*03*123
Sand S's1110000023
4. RiverwoodGross85798591
7,004 Yrd'sHandicap15444221611811
Slope 137Net81787780
Par 72Points2318282553232DNP3229
SS 74.2Place7th8th5th6th9th2nd1st10th3rd4th
FLoBy*Lost Balls5*8*45523*35
Sand S's000001000
5. WaterlefeGross9290849181
6,908 Yrd'sHandicap16644221311711
Slope 145Net7686808874
Par 72Points32192528242820DNP3225
SS 73.8Place1st9th6th3rd7th4th8th10th2nd5th
FLoBy*Lost Balls24*6*2748*28
Sand S's000000000
6. BobcatGross1018880798588
6,748 YrdsHandicap13943221511511
Slope 140Net888477788077
Par 72Points20242430232924282830
SS 73.0Place10th8th6th2nd9th3rd7th4th5th1st
FLoBy*Lost Balls3400515*001*
Sand S's0001001002
7. LegacyGross938681858882
7,067 Yrd'sHandicap1694122151158
Slope 133Net848280847777
Par 72Points21252730182615313122
SS 73.8Place8th6th4th3rd9th5th10th2nd1st7th
FLoBy*Lost Balls4132737123
Sand S's0001000100
8. RosedaleGross8991878787
6,714 Yrd'sHandicap1794122151158
Slope 138Net8087868683
Par 72Points24292523292433302518
SS 72.8Place8th4th6th9th3rd7th1st2nd5th10th
FLoBy*Lost Balls3*1307*3134*3
Sand S's0000100010
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News and Information

13-10-2997 – ROUND 9
With Alan D not wanting to “rush rush rush” and Graham resting his back the remaining eight players played a Texas Scramble at The Preserve Tara. The course was in fine fettle, with the best greens of the trip. Both four balls carded gross 64’s but as Brian, David B, Steve and Stuart had the higher handicap they took the final honours.
12-10-2007 – ROUND 8
Rosedale is so tight that we refer to it as the bowling ally. It was again in great shape and a fitting test for the last round of the Tour singles. Despite their back problems Graham was victorious with 33 points and Keith second on 30. David B took third after a card playoff with Alan R, both on 29 points.

Eight rounds of excellent golf saw David F lift the 2007 cup with a points total of 235, 9 ahead of Steve on 226. Brian took third spot ending on 222.
11-10-2007 – ROUND 7
Legacy was as always a tough test. This Arnold Palmer creation saw a win for Steve who beat Keith on a card play off with 31 points. Brian was third with 30 and Andrew fourth on 27.

The tour is shocked as David F was outside the prize money for the first time.

Great to see Keith enjoying some success but Graham was again suffering with a bad back.
10-10-2007 – ROUND 6
Stuart produced a surge on the back nine to secure his first win of the tour here at the Bob Cat Trail. Aided by chipping in on the 14th and the 17th for birdies he shot 30 points to tie with Brian but with 19 points on the back nine he took the win. The extremely consistent David F took third with 29 points.

We are very pleased to report that Keith returned to play today. While he was far from pain free he did manage the full 18 holes and after an understandably slow start came home with 19 points on the back nine. He finished fourth with 28 points.
9-10-2007 – ROUND 5
Waterlefe is a US Open qualifier which again proved a stern test for the tour. We lost on the day 43 balls the highest single days total so far.

Alan D notched his second victory of the tour carding 32 points. Steve also had 32 points but was beaten on a card playoff. Brian and David F were third and fourth again after a card playoff, with both on 28 points.
8-10-2007 – ROUND 4
Riverwood was again stunning. With superb greens, beautiful holes and lots of lakes this is one great golf course. The lost ball count today was 40!

Beware the wounded golfer. Graham struggling with his dodgy back kept it going until a squeal and a click when hitting a 3 wood left him fearing the worst. It appears however to have put something back and he started to flow. He finished first after a three way card playoff on 32 points which saw David F second and Steve third. Stuart again fourth.

Keith’s back is still keeping him on the sidelines but we are hoping that after a couple of days rest he will be able to play again.
7-10-2007 – ROUND 3
This was the tours first visit to River Strand, a course which has only been open for 11 months. It is amazing to see what can be created out here in a very short time. It was an excellent layout and the greens were very good.

David F triumphed again 33 playing off 2. Andrew also had his second finish of the tour beating Brian on a card play off, both on 28 points. Stuart took the last money place beating the two Alan’s all on 26 points.

We were extremely lucky with the weather as a huge thunder storm passed within half mile. The light show was spectacular.
6-10-2007 – ROUND 2
Head of security Alan D. took the honours at the magnificent Pine Barnes with 31 points closely followed on 30 points by Alan R. who recovered from putting problems on the front nine to push Graham back into 3rd place. David F remains at the top of the tour leader board after finishing 4th with 29 points.

The course lived up to its reputation as one of the top 50 in the USA despite 7 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. With no bunkers and only two lakes you could be forgiven for believing this course would be a pussy cat. Wrong. With pine lined fairway and expansive sandy waste areas this course is not ranked the 39th best public course in the US for nothing. The large undulating greens needed the approach shots to be the right side of the hole or a three put was almost unavoidable. The lack of lakes did however provide a rare FLoBy free day.

Keith’s day was blighted with a muscular problem in his back which reduced his performance considerably. We are all hoping it will ease to allow him to compete as we know he can.
5-10-2007 – ROUND 1
The Venetian proved to be an excellent open venue with a degree of forgiveness from the tee. The greens however were a different story with huge undulations that at times made us look silly! David F triumphed having scored a solid 34 points. Andrew was second, Stuart third and Graham fourth after a card playoff, all on 32 points. With another two players scoring 31 points this tight first day suggests that this years tour will be another close fought battle which may again come down to the wire.

The round came to a spectacular close. As the last group headed back to the club house a torrential down pour caught them, much to the concern of the first two groups as you can imagine!
5-10-2007 – Travelling
We have arrived safe and sound getting to the villa at half past midnight. This late arrival was courtesy of a 3 hour delay at Manchester due to a bird which had flow in to no.4 engine, on the planes trip up from Heathrow. Time was made up, thanks to favorable winds and we arrived into Orlando only 2½ hours late .