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This website is intended to be a focal point for “our golf tour”. The majority of the players who participate are from the Brampton Golf Club in Cumbria, UK. Every other year a tour group has headed overseas to test their skills on tough demanding golf courses. Initially that saw us heading to Sarasota on the Florida Gulf Coast but in 2013 a small group headed to Belek, Turkey after hearing many good reports of exceptional courses and excellent hospitality. This was certainly the case and a party of 8 are heading back in October 2015. There is added spice this year as travelling with us are 8 canny golfers from Eden Golf Club which will I am sure create some friendly rivalry and banter on and off the course!!

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Flight Details

The flights details for the 2015 Tour to Belek Turkey


Jet2 - Newcastle to Antalya Direct - 30min Drive to Hotel - £270.50 + case + golf bag
Departure and arrival times are local time.
Date Flt No. Aircraft Depart Arrive Length
9 Oct 2015 LS507 Boeing 737-800 09:00 15:35 4hr 35min
16 Oct 2015 LS508 Boeing 737-800 16:35 19:10 4hr 35min

Location Map


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