Revised Weather Forecast

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As AccuWeather was not giving the best report for our dates I have decided that World Weather Online is better. It is also the source that provides the forecast on the right of this page. The forecast below was taken at noon on the 3/10/2015.

Weather forecast is looking OK at the the moment

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API Details and Shirts

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With two weeks to go until the off I am pleased to advise that the API information has now been added to our booking with Jet2.

The tour shirts have also been collected and look mighty fine!

Time to put the finishing touches to your preparation.

Will 20 kg for the golf equipment let you pack enough balls?

Less than 100 Days and Flights now fully paid!

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The final payment has now been made to Jet2 so that only leaves the bus to and from Newcastle Airport, the Tour Shirt and the Turkish Visa to sort!

Our Hotel for 2015 ranking hight on TripAdvisor!

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Our humble abode for the 2015 tour,the Voyage Golf & Spa, has an excellent ranking on TripAdvisor.

No.2 in Belek from 80 Hotels and the competition is not weak!

Jet2 New Flight!

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Jet2 are now flying from Newcastle to Antalya at sensible times. The tour is on it thanks to Mr Farrer for the good spot!

Our weather forecast is from WP Wunderground