This looks stunning!

I came across this course on the Big Summer Golf Card website. It looks spectacular on their very good website, which you can visit by clicking this link . Now don’t get to excited as it is further north than Worldwoods so realistically to far away.

The Big Summer Golf Card is perhaps something we should consider due to the discounts it offers on green fees. For example Riverwood’s normal rate this October is $50 but with the BSGC it is only $30, Rosedale $45 against $31 and Legacy $49 v $35. The cost of the card is $60 which would be recovered over 4 to 5 rounds. The discount applies to all rates so we can opt to play a bit earlier without having to pay to much for the privalage. There is a link on the side under “Golf Info” to the BSCG website so go take a look and lets have some comments posted.

The BSGC in addition to the standard rates also have special events and this is where I spotted the Black Diamond Club. Some of the others that they have booked to play are:-

  • The Ritz Carlton Members Club which is close to Legacy – Link
  • The TPC at Prestancia in Sarasota – Link
  • The Founders Club in Sarasota – Link

These are all private members clubs that we are not able to play. If we had the BSGC and a date fitted with our trip then it may provide another option.

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