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Less than 2 months to go!

We have just dropped inside the 2 months to go mark and a number of the the Tour Members are starting to find form. Pro’s Day at Brampton saw a number of fine performances.

Andrew Proud 79 -8 = 71
David Farrer 75 -4 = 71
Graham Hamilton 74 -5 = 69
Mike Caddle 67 -4 = 63
Chris Ralph 68 -9 = 59

A couple of awesome score by the Carlisle pair who took 1st and 2nd so well done Chris for taking the top prize on the day. I am sure Florida will be an interesting challenge for Ralph’y who now plays off 6!

We need to get a tour shirt sorted any colour suggestion?

I had a problem with the website yesterday and in sorting it out the course’s to play poll was lost. I have reset it up so get your 9 selected!

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