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The Tour Forum Set Up

The final part of the website was to set up a forum so that we can discuss issues and of course rib each other. It will also allow friends and family to post messages when we are on tour. In order to try and prevent the Spam Bots from swamping it, user registration is required. I have created two Guides the first covers registration and the second basic use of the forum.

Registration Guide

Forum Use

If anyone has any problems or questions please contact me.

To go to the Forum just click on the menu item at the top of the site.

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  1. ian waugh
    ian waugh says:

    happy new year andrew hope youve had a gooden.have you had the bats out yet ; stupid question;mine have been stuck in the garage for the last 3 months but have recently been asking for a wash and rub down with ambre solaire sun tan cream to get them in the mood.i have tried to register for tour forum set up but can not get anything to register on form maybe im already on it ,im still shit with computers any way great golfing in 2011 thats apart from 10 days in october and “ps”wish “fergie” a very happy birthday. all the very best , ian

    • Proudy
      Proudy says:

      Hi Ian. Happy New Year! Yes played in New Years Day Texas Scramble with Fergy & Mike plus vice Cap’t. Finished 2nd Gross 57 -2.5 Net 54.5

      Check your email as I have registered you and sent your login details to you.


  2. The Dark One
    The Dark One says:

    Andrew, Don’t get 2 many Grey hairs sorting these flights out, it looks like Richard is being generous with the gear so give him my vote. Been before, Us dark ones never age! and Waltz through Customs.

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